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The Sustainable Living programme is a practical, fun way to learn and use actions to reduce your environmental impacts at home. It’s an opportunity in New Zealand to 'make a difference for the planet', to live a healthier lifestyle and save a little on everyday living costs.

Where your local Council subscribes (like for Lesley pictured here, in Christchurch), their support allows you to register and then download our learning guides free.  Jump to the district and city gateway page on this site now, to check if they subscribe and get access. (If you find there that your council is not yet a subscriber, we do offer some basic information free on other pages about living more sustainably in NZ and actions you can take 'for starters'). Once you are registered and have been sent a password, head here to download learning guides.

In 2014 we have re-designed the education programme to better suit an internet-savvy public, and we no longer rely just on tutor-taught evening courses, although they are warmly recommended where available (e.g. Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington, Hutt City, Timaru - check 'Where are the courses' page). You can use Sustainable Living now in your own learning group on future living skills, which could be home-based with neighbours, at a community venue or in the workplace. There is enough material in the learning guides for up to eight sessions of two hours, once the full set is published.

From the learning guides, you will develop knowledge on how to make a healthier, drier and warmer home and how you can easily reduce waste going to landfill. Other topics to explore are: lower-carbon transport options, organic food growing, water saving, avoiding toxic chemicals, food shopping and preserving tips, reducing your power bill, eco-building design or house renovation suggestions and finally community resilience - which is about you and your neighbours becoming more than disaster-ready. All are examined with a practical focus, and independent of commercial bias. We have spent over twelve years on this and assembled an expertise developing the programme, assisted by local government and community educators.

Our learners are aware that climate change and global resource depletion is real and that a wise response is urgent at national and international level. This is a practical response in local areas of life where they can make a difference - it is empowering and positive.

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